August 13, 2016

The Ada Family’s Gift

The Ada Family’s Gift

The land upon which Sixty West and Waterford Station is being developed has an interesting history; and with it comes a debt of gratitude to the Ada family, who lovingly cared for the land for over sixty years.

The Ada family previously farmed in the Oyen area, on the east side of the province. After experiencing drought for many years, they decided to move to the west side of Alberta which seemed to have a climate more favourable to agriculture. In 1937 they purchased a quarter section in Red Deer County, just west of the Town of Sylvan Lake, and built their home on the south side of the property, establishing a family farm; their old home sight is still discernible in the forested area. The Adas settled into farming life and raised a family.


The Ada family farmed the land for over seven decades. These were times in which invention, technology, and ever bigger and more efficient equipment continued to change farming practices. This constant evolution resulted in most farm land being stripped of existing tree stands, and any wetlands drained. Through these times, the Ada family never abandoned good conservation practices and preserved the tree stands and wind rows which stand today. This exceptional landscape will be preserved for many generations to enjoy as we develop Sixty West and Waterford Station.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Ada family for this precious gift and we hope you think of them as you enjoy a walk through the forest they so caringly preserved.