Waterford Station

Sixty West's Retail Centre – A Visionary Urban Village

As the commercial real estate centre of the Sylvan Lake's west side, Waterford Station presently has an I.D.A. Pharmacy, Daycare Pittstop and Blush Beauty Bar & Laser Studio; Mr. Mike's Steakhouse Casual and Pure Fitness CrossFit are on their way.  The development offers the perfect location for grocery, retail, boutique shops and restaurants – as well as for wellness, medical, banking and professional needs for the residents of Sylvan Lake and surrounding communities.

This commercial property sector will bring convenience to our residents while maintaining an unparalleled commitment to aesthetic design. With feature fountains, landscaped gathering islands, and pedestrian-friendly boulevards, Waterford Station is the ideal environment for people to shop, dine, celebrate, laugh, and connect with each other.

Commercial Development Opportunities

Please contact us to inquire about our 20 acres of commercial space at Sixty West's Waterford Station.

Waterford Station

Grocery, Pharmacy, & Daily Necessities

Boutique Shopping & Dining

Health, Fitness & Medical Amenities

Boulevards, Water & Outdoor Features